Virtual Field Trip Programs

Virtual field trips bring the fun of visiting the St Augustine Alligator Farm right to your classroom or home. Your students can join these 30 minute programs either through a prerecorded segment or live with our Education Specialists. Each program is tailored to your specific grade level and ties into the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Currently we are offering two programs: Reptile Rally and Where the Locals Hang Out.

Reptile Rally will teach students about the types of reptiles and their characteristics. There will be an ambassador representing each of the four groupings of reptiles. Four to five ambassador reptiles will be displayed during this program.

Where the Locals Hang Out will teach students about the native Florida animals and ecosystems. In this program students will learn about how animals are specifically adapted to live in certain environments. Four to five Florida native animals will be displayed during this program.

Ambassador requests are possible but not guaranteed. Some possible ambassadors to request are: Box turtle, Gopher tortoise, Diamondback terrapin, Western Hognose, FL Kingsnake, Eastern Indigo, Pinesnake, Ball python, Southern toad

Each program will include:

  • Pre-Program Activity to be completed before watching or participating in the program
  • A program handbook to be completed during or after watching / participating in the program
  • 30 minute prerecorded video to be watched anytime with your class
    • Or 30 minute live Zoom session with our education specialists (needs to be scheduled at least two weeks in advanced)
  • 10 minute live Zoom Q&A session (needs to be scheduled at least one week in advanced)


Costs: $100 per session for Non-Members. $50 for Members.
1 session = 1 live presentation or 1 prerecorded password protected link

If you select the prerecorded program, a one-time password and link will be sent to your email address for you to distribute to your classroom. The program activities will also be sent to your email for you to print or distribute in any manner you choose to your students

If you select the live session, a meeting will need to be set up with the education department to test the connection prior to the session with students. After the connection has been verified, an email will be sent with the program activities to be distributed in any manner you choose. A Zoom link will then be sent out 3 days prior to the live session for your class to join.