Rookery Update 4/30

Rookery Update 4/30

Photo by Jess Yarnell

Peak season is just about upon the rookery! Chicks are hatching out everywhere now. The Great Egret and Wood Stork chicks are getting big and many of the Snowy Egret nests have hatched. The Tri-coloreds are beginning to hatch out and the Cattle Egrets should start in a couple weeks. Some of the Cattle Egret bills are still in full color, though this will disappear shortly as they complete laying.

The Roseate Spoonbills are greatly appeasing photographers this year by an increase in breeding pair numbers, staggered clutching, and constructing most nests in close proximity to the boardwalk. The first hatched nests now contain chicks due to begin fledging, but some pairs are just now selecting their nest sites! There are spoonbill chicks of all ages currently in the rookery with a couple nests due to hatch out any day now. Two banded spoonbills are currently building nests, so keep a look out for EB and A3. More information to come regarding these two birds in a future post.

So far four Green Heron nests have been identified in other locations around the zoo. Look up in the trees by the Conservation Center and over the Orinoco and Cuban Crocodile enclosures. Ask a zookeeper if you need help locating the nests.

Peak season in the rookery contains displaying adults, nest building, incubation of eggs, and lots of chicks. Prime photographic opportunities will be available for the entire month of May!