Rookery Update 4/26

Rookery Update 4/26

Photo by Daniel Cedras

As we are approaching peak season in the rookery, there is now a little bit of everything for observers to admire: birds displaying, nest building, incubating, and chicks hatching! Currently the rookery holds Great egret, Snowy egret, and Roseate spoonbill hatchlings.

The Wood storks should be hatching out any day now (and may have already), but are difficult to view in the treetops until the chicks are older.

Tri-colored herons, Little Blue herons, and Cattle egrets are all incubating eggs with the Tri-colors due to hatch out first.

Two Green heron nests have been spotted, one over the Cuban crocodile, the other in the large Live oak overhanging the pool by the Education Building.  This species nests through mid-summer, new nests will be posted as discovered.

Now is the perfect time to visit as wading bird nestlings are hatching out daily!