Rookery update 3/28

Photo by Charles Twine

This nesting season is beginning to look like our best year ever!   Still early in the season, we already have the following nest counts: 66 Great egret, 9 Wood stork, 14 Snowy egret, and SIX Roseate spoonbill nests! In case you don’t recall, last season was a first for spoonbills nesting within the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Rookery and they successfully fledged twelve chicks out of four nests. The Wood storks and Snowy egrets are still arriving daily and setting up house. Tri-colored herons have just begun pairing up and nesting. Still yet to arrive are the smaller Cattle egrets, Little Blue herons, and Green herons.  There is already lots of displaying and nest building occuring within the rookery, so hurry on out before it gets too hot!

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