Rookery Update 3/14

Photo by Olis Garber

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Rookery is beginning to bustle!

Currently, over a hundred Great egrets can be observed nesting, displaying, and incubating. The maximum adult count last season was 154 birds, so a few more are still expected to show up for the breeding season. About a dozen Roseate spoonbills have been roosting daily, with quite a few birds obviously paired up with a mate. The Wood storks are finally in the St. Augustine area in larger numbers, but have not yet begun nesting though they are expected to shortly. Black and Yellow-crowned night herons can still be observed roosting in the rookery for a few more weeks.

See you on the boardwalk!


  1. Sharon Southers Reply

    Thanks for the update! Wondering when the spoonbills will be there nesting?

    • Gen Anderson Reply

      Last year the spoonbills began incubation in late April. Judging by their behavior so far this season, they will probably begin a little bit earlier.

  2. Dave Lundy Reply

    Just visited there a week ago. Fantastic! Got some nice photos of Great Egrets, Spoonbills, & Wood Storks, in addition to gators, crocs, etc. Always a fun place to visit.

  3. Kathy Buss Reply

    Hi Gen,

    I love the Blog. However, I am having trouble downloading the form for the 2011 photo contest. Don’t know if I will have any photos to enter – but would like the form just in case.

    • Gen Anderson Reply

      The photo contest form is currently unavailable for download. Photo contest rules and submission form will be posted as the season progresses.

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