2016 End of Season Report

2016 End of Season Report

Photo by Charles Wesley

Another successful rookery season has come to a close! The significant maintenance changes that occurred over the winter provided more nesting opportunities for the smaller wading bird species. This resulted in an increase of nests across the board over the 2015 nesting season. The conservationally significant Wood storks and Roseate spoonbills continue to favor our special rookery more and more every year!

Cattle egret 24 21 24
Great egret 126 104 86
Green heron 8 5 12
Little Blue heron 36 38 41
Roseate spoonbill 103 39 59
Snowy egret 170 117 107
Tricolored heron 84 66 93
Wood stork 101 95 180
TOTALS: 652 485 602


spoonie woodies

If you were not able to visit our rookery this year, we hope you will take the opportunity to in 2017. See you on the boardwalk!