Rookery update 4/5

Rookery update 4/5


Little Blue heron

Photo by Robert O’Toole


The rookery is gearing up for chaos as we move into April!

Roseate spoonbills began nesting early this year. Three nests have already fledged out and 4 more pairs are either incubating or have recently hatched chicks. The spoonbills are following the staggered nesting pattern of previous years.

The Great egrets were the second to arrive and hatch out. So far we have multiple nests with chicks and the remainder are hatching out daily. This species still carries their exotic egrette plumage and continues to display.

The Wood storks are right behind the Great egrets. There are now 55 nests, though pairs are still building and have yet to lay. No chicks have been spotted yet but the first nests are due to hatch any day now.

The smaller species (Cattle egret, Snowy egret, Tri-colored heron and Little Blue heron) have finally begun to arrive. The Snowys build and lay quickly, while the other species are taking their time making their nest just right.

Last to arrive are the Green herons. They have begun to call throughout the rest of the zoo and are currently looking for the perfect nest site.

If you are still wondering if now is the time to visit, YES it is!