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Before visiting The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, one of Florida’s original and finest attractions, familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure that your group’s visit is a worry-free success.




A group of alligators

is called a “congregation”

Our Educational Programs

Students Learn more at the Alligator Farm!

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park offers a variety of programs to complement any field trip or curriculum. Programs can be adapted for any age group or level. All programs are aligned with Sunshine State Science Standards and include live animals. Please see below for a list of field trip options. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.

The day of your program…

It is extremely important that you arrive for your program on time. If you are running late, please call (904) 824-3337, ask for the education department and let us know your approximate arrival time. We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals; however, we reserve the right to change your program time, shorten, or possibly cancel your program.

Learning through Encounters: Single Visit Onsite Programs

We are currently offering two programs through our Learning through Encounter Field Trips: Reptile Rally and Where the Locals Hang Out.

Location: All Learning through Encounter programs take place in our EdVenture Outpost, a covered pavilion designed for interactive learning.

Cost: Cost of Learning through Encounter programs are included in the field trip admission, contact the education department to learn more.

Program Size: We can accommodate any size group; however each of the Learning through Encounter sessions are restricted to 25 students at a time. Please contact the education department immediately if your group will require more than four presentations within a day.

Time: All Learning through Encounter programs last approximately 30 minutes per session. If you will have multiple sessions, please plan on each program running back-to-back. We host these programs Monday – Friday, 10am – 3pm.

Click here for a list of FL State Standards we will connect to on your next field trip

Reptile Rally will teach students about the types of reptiles and their characteristics. There will be an ambassador representing each of the four groupings of reptiles. Four to five ambassador reptiles will be displayed during this program.

Where the Locals Hang Out will teach students about the native Florida animals and ecosystems. In this program students will learn about how animals are specifically adapted to live in certain environments. Four to five Florida native animals will be displayed during this program.

Ambassador requests are possible but not guaranteed. Some possible ambassadors to request are: Box turtle, Gopher tortoise, Diamondback terrapin, Western Hognose, FL Kingsnake, Eastern Indigo, Pinesnake, Ball python, Southern toad

Click here for more Educational Program Topics, Program Curriculums, as well as Pre and Post-Program Activities.

Learning through Inquiry: Multiple Visit Onsite Programs

Our Learning through Inquiry programs engage your students in hand-on student-centered learning where they become the scientist. Over the course of two to four visits, your classes will participate in tours, encounters, and presentations about our native and exotic ambassador animal collection here at the Alligator Farm. They will also engage field science projects designed specifically for your school and curriculum objectives.

Location: All Learning through Inquiry programs takes place throughout different locations on the Alligator Farm property.

Cost: Cost of Learning through Inquiry programs are $25 per student per visit. You may include lunch at our Toucantina Café if interested.

Program Size: We can accommodate any size group; however we will break the entire class into groups of 25.

Time: The Learning through Inquiry program’s duration can vary depending on needs. Please contact the education department to learn more. We host these programs Monday – Friday, 10am – 3pm.

Guided Field Trip Tours

Learn all about the conservation work the Alligator Farm participates in during a walking tour of both on and off site exhibits. This program is an additional $10 per person, and has a maximum capacity of 20 people per tour. This program is designed for higher education, and making connections between in-situ and ex-situ conservation practices.

Location: All Guided Field Trips occur within the Zoo Grounds.

Cost: Admission + an additional $10 per person.

Program Size: We can only accommodate up to 20 people per tour; however we can schedule multiple tours within a day.

Time: We host these programs seven days a week, 10am – 4pm.


We bring all of the fun of the Zoo to You!

One of our expert Educators will join you in your classroom, event, or party to add an exciting educational program. Up to four to five different species such as native and exotic crocodilians, snakes, turtles, and lizards.

Location: We bring the program and the animals to you!

Cost: $250 for the first program (maximum of 30 participants), $50 for additional programs at the same site and day.

Additional $50 travel fee is greater than 30 miles away. Please contact the education department to learn more.

Time: Typically a 45 minute program, however timing can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Events and Festivals: We will set up a table and exhibit at your next event. Included in this program are live animal presentations, kids’ crafts, and informational materials about the Alligator Farm and local conservation efforts.

Tabling events can last no longer than 3 hours, please contact the education department if you are needing an extended period of time.

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips bring the fun of visiting the St Augustine Alligator Farm right to your classroom or home. Your students can join these 30 minute programs either through a prerecorded segment or live with our Education Specialists. Each program is tailored to your specific grade level and ties into the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Currently we are offering two programs: Reptile Rally and Where the Locals Hang Out.

Each program will include:

  • Pre-Program Activity to be completed before watching or participating in the program
  • A program handbook to be completed during or after watching / participating in the program
  • 30 minute prerecorded video to be watched anytime with your class (0r) 30 minute live Zoom session with our education specialists (needs to be scheduled at least two weeks in advanced)
  • 10 minute live Zoom Q&A session (needs to be scheduled at least one week in advanced)

Costs: $100 per session for Non-Members. $50 for Members.

If you select the live session, a meeting will need to be set up with the education department to test the connection prior to the session with students. After the connection has been verified, an email will be sent with the program activities to be distributed in any manner you choose. A Zoom link will then be sent out 3 days prior to the live session for your class to join.