The John Behler Scholarship for AZA’s Crocodilian Biology and Captive Management (CBCM) School.

Throughout his career, John was a leader in the field of crocodilian conservation. He was a founding member of the Crocodile Advisory Group and a core instructor for the Crocodilian Biology and Captive Management School.

This merit –based scholarship includes tuition and expenses for the winning applicant to attend “Croc School”, and will be awarded according to the following rules:

  • All application materials must be completed and submitted by January 1 of each year.

  • Applicants must include the following:

    Resume or curriculum vitae with cover letter explaining why they wish to attend CBCM.

    • Essay (not more than 4 pages) addressing the importance of crocodilian conservation, the role of zoos in conservation and education, and the value of maintaining crocodilians in zoos.

  • Preference will be given to AZA individual members in accordance with AZA guidelines. However, anyone working with or studying crocodilians is encouraged to apply.

  • Application materials, essays and professional affiliation will be used as the basis for awarding the scholarship. Essays will be judged for completeness, thoughtfulness, and creativity.

  • This scholarship is offered by the St. Augustine Alligator Farm board on the recommendation of the following committee:

    • - John Brueggen
    • - Dr. Kent Vliet
    • - Kevin Toregrossa

  • This scholarship will include the following:
    1. - Tuition and fees for CBCM.  
      - Hotel accommodations for term of the course (8 days).
      - Meals for duration of the conference (7 days).
      - Up to $300.00 in travel expenses.

If the CBMC is cancelled for any reason the scholarship will not be awarded for that year.

This scholarship is meant to be a living memorial to John Behler for his outstanding leadership in the field of crocodilian conservation as well as his many contributions to the broader appreciation of all wildlife.

Applications and related material can be sent via email to with the subject line of

John L. Behler Scholarship.


Or mailed to:

John L. Behler Scholarship

999 Anastasia Blvd.

St. Augustine, FL 32080


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