This blog is to inform our guests of the status and natural history information relating to the wild wading birds of The Rookery. In the early spring, the first pairs of wading birds begin to arrive. The large numbers of wading birds nesting up close and personal make the St. Augustine Alligator Farm’s Native Swamp Exhibit & Rookery one of the best native bird rookeries in the state.

Visit our blog often to see the newest information and pictures from The Rookery.

The Native Swamp and Rookery exhibit at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park is two acres in size and surrounded by undisturbed wetland habitat. The zoo is located on a barrier island within a mile each way of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. The naturalistic enclosure currently houses around 150 American alligators, a pair of American crocodiles, and an assortment of native turtle species.


  1. Diana Hansen Reply

    What are the prices for adult admission to The Alligator Farm for out of towners and FL residents? We are expecting family to visit in late April. Thank you.

  2. owen Reply

    can the spoonbill nests with chicks be readily photographed?

    • Gen Anderson Reply

      Two nests just hatched out. The chicks are visible, but will be easier to photograph in another week. Some of the other nests are closer and will be more suitable for pictures once they hatch.

  3. Dennis Holt Reply

    Any damage from Beryl?


    • Gen Anderson Reply

      Yes and no. Please check out our Post Tropical Storm Beryl Update on 6/2.

  4. Melissa Reply

    I will be coming to St. Augustine on Sept 21 and I was wondering if the boardwalk is open and if I could see any birds at this time?

    • Gen Anderson Reply

      Yes indeed! The boardwalk is open year round. Expect to see a variety of species in late September. Some juvenile egrets, herons, and storks may still be lingering, wondering where all the others went. Spoonbills typically hang out in the fall in small flocks. Lastly, the Yellow and Black-crowned night herons begin to arrive to roost through the winter. There is always something to see in the rookery!

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