2019 26th Annual Photo Contest Winners!

This year’s 26th Annual Photo Contest submissions were varied, dynamic, and magnificent! Karen Willes spent a tremendous amount of time analyzing each image in order to narrow it down from over 400 photos to the final ten winners. One image was then selected as Best in Show. We greatly appreciate the time and expertise that Karen provided to make this photo contest a success!


Thomas Stuart

Komodo dragon

Pennington, NJ

Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Mk 2 DSLR, handheld, manual exposure

Lens:  Canon EF100-400 mm Mk 2 zoomed to 400 mm at f/5.7

William Miller 

American alligator

Gainesville, FL

Joy Ruble

Great egret

Jacksonville, FL

Mark Hodgson

Scarlet macaw

St. Augustine, FL

Linda Caden

American alligator

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Vladislava Payne

Cape vulture

Palm Coast, FL

Terrie Jacobson

Roseate spoonbill

Buford, GA

Bruce Benson

Tri-colored heron

Tacoma, WA

Susan Liddle

Roseate spoonbill

Pennington, NJ

Charles Wesley Jr

Hyacinth macaw

St. Augustine, FL


  1. Christina Barrett Reply

    I like the baby bird. 😉


  2. Tom Reply

    “Images will be judged based on originality, composition, behavior, habitat, and image quality”.

    Great photos this year; however you may want to remove “habitat, and image quality” from “Images will be judged based on”.

    Not one image shows the beautiful habitat the Alligator Farm provides these wonderful creatures.

    I you look at the 2018 winners every picture is crisp and has focus in a acceptable depth of field. Many of the 2019 images have a short depth of field with limited focus and crispness. Not going to stop me from entering next year; however I eliminated many of my entries based on “habitat, and image quality”.


    • Jim B Reply

      @Tom Remember that there is a different judge each year. So one can expect a certain amount of personal taste to be shown.


  3. Joanne McCulloch Reply

    Love love love the portraits. Nice work but must agree with Tom in that these images do not show habitat. Beautiful images but hard to get a sense of their natural habitat. I look forward to visiting, seeing these magnificant birds, other wildlife and making some images of my own.

  4. Robert A LaMay Reply

    I just moved to St. Augustine and will be joining forces with others to photograph nature at its best.


    • Gen Anderson Reply

      See you on the boardwalk!

  5. Chuck Martin Reply

    I agree, there seems to be an emphasis on close ups and head shots. Not just 2019 but in years past. I to love the portrait images but would like to see more photos with a little of the habitat included. You guys do a great job every year and believe me from past experiences I know judging depends on the personality of the judge. Keep up the good work.


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