Rookery Update 3/30/12


Photo by Sara Lopez

The rookery is full of all sorts of activity: displaying, incubating, flying, nesting, and young rearing!  The Great Egret nests began hatching out about a week ago and will continue to do so over the next few weeks.  Some Wood Storks are incubating eggs, but many more can be observed flying back and forth with nesting material.  As of today two of the seven current Roseate Spoonbill nests have newly hatched chicks and other pairs are still seaching for the perfect spot to raise their young.  Both the Tri-colored Herons and Snowy Egrets are just beginning to incubate eggs and the Little Blue Herons can be seen zipping in and out of the Cabbage Palms.  Cattle Egrets should begin to show up soon, courting each other with their spectacular color changes.  Lastly, a few Green Herons can be overheard in the early morning hours calling back and forth and selecting nest sites.

Planning a trip to our rookery? Check out this post for the Typical Rookery Schedule to aid you in your travel plans.

Regular updates between blog postings can be heard on our rookery update voicemail: (904) 824-3337 x23.


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